Can my Data be Recovered?

In many instances, yes. Like other mechanical components, hard drives are subject to mechanical failure over time. It is not a question of if, but when. Common signs of mechanical failure are:

  • Clicking

  • Ticking

  • Grinding

  • Humming

  • Buzzing

If your hard drive is making any strange noises, do not continue to power on the drive or attempt DIY software recovery tools as this can result in further damage to your hard drive and quickly lead to permanent data loss!

What is data Recovery?

Data recovery is the process of retrieving deleted or inaccessible data from failed electronic storage media such as computer hard disk drives, removable media, optical devices and tape cartridges.

Your data can become inaccessible due to a software problem, computer virus, mechanical or electrical malfunction or a deliberate human act.

Regardless of the cause of your data loss, our experienced technicians are able to successfully recover lost data on average 75% of the time.

How long does Recovery take?

Most recoveries will be completed in 4-7 working days. Upon receiving your drive, our technicians will diagnose the problem and determine if data can be recovered.

Next, we will determine exactly what procedures will be involved and how extensive the damage is, then provide you with a verbal report. If you wish to proceed with the recovery process, your job will be placed in the job queue and your data will be recovered in the order it was received.

Expedited Data Recovery

If you should need this service, a dedicated technician start work on your drive within 4 hours of the time that we receive your hard disk. Working on your drive (during normal business hours) until the recovery is complete. This process will normally cut your turnaround time in half.

Emergency Data Recovery

We realize your need to have special services occasionally (weekdays, holidays, and after hours). If your situation is critical, we will try to make arrangements for a technician to be available who will be assigned to work on your recovery until complete.

Our goal is to return your data to you within two to three working days. However, because of the complexity of data recovery there will be times when it will take longer. After performing our initial evaluation, we will provide you with an estimated time to restore your lost data.

My documents contain confidential information. How can I be sure they will remain confidential?

Data Recovery Nottingham offers clients an assurance that your information is kept private. Every member of the team is under non-disclosure. The evaluation and recovery process is conducted with controlled access to ensure the confidentiality of your data.

We have unwritten non-disclosure agreements with all of our customers, but if your legal department requires a written agreement it should be email to us for signing.